United Families is a supervised visitation center where children come to interact with their parents. We are located in Rapid City, South Dakota. We provide 6 rooms that are child friendly, fun, private, and safe. Each room is equipped with a security monitoring system to insure children have a safe memorable experience. Our mission is to unite families.

Each of our six visitation rooms is furnished with a flat screen television, video games, Netflix, Wii, table, couch, changing table, books, and more. Upon request we have toys for all ages, including board games, puzzles, art supplies, and more!

Safety: to ensure safety, United Families works closely with the South Dakota Department of Social Services, the courts, and local law enforcement. 

Orientation Process:  Following a referral from the Department of Social Services or the Court, each parent(s) is  required to complete a short orientation interview to determine visitation eligibility. Each parent must bring income verification, and a $25.00 non-refundable intake fee to their orientation.

Exchanges: United Families provides separate entrances/exits to accommodate parents who cannot come in contact with each other.  Entrances are equipped with Surveillance cameras.  

SVN Member: United Families is a member of the national Supervised Visitation Network. As a member of SVN, United Families must follow the national standards and procedures set forth by SVN and all our employees must complete the SVN’s online training courses.

429 Kansas City Street Suite 15



Saturday 10:00a.m.-4:00p.m.

Contact us: 

605-430-0430 or 605-659-0079 (cell)


Join us for the exciting Annual Toss for Families tournament... it's loads of fun. There will be good beer, great music, games of chance, & more.

Silent Auction
50/50 Raffle
Cash prize for winner

All for a good cause!!

September 14, 2019... mark on your calendar!!

Toss for Families Tournament, is a fund raising event sponsored by
United Families (nonprofit) and

Hay Camp Brewery.

See you there.