Court Referrals Process

Court referrals include, but are not limited to: protection orders, child custody agreements, or mutual agreements through divorces or other legal documents. 

Upon obtaining a court order for supervised visitations and/or exchanges, one of the parties must contact United Families first. Once a party contacts us, we will set up an orientation. 

An orientation must be completed by all parties before the visits begin. From the time that United Families receives the initial information from the parties to the time the first visit occurs, it takes approximately 3 weeks. 

To help the process, please bring the following applicable forms completed to your orientation:

- Non-Custodial Form (only for non-custodial parent)

- Custodial Form (only for custodial parent)

- Policies and Procedures (read but do not fill out)



Visitations           $35.00 per hour
Exchanges             $7.00 per exchange

Orientations       $25.00 per person


United Families understands the struggles of having to pay for supervised visitation. The Federal Access and Visitation Grant has been awarded to United Families with limited funds to award Private Pay families scholarships to help pay for visitation costs. When these funds are exhausted, orientations cost $25.00, exchanges cost $7.00 per exchange, and visitations cost $20.00 per hour. 

As long as grant money is available, United Families provides scholarships to help with the cost associated with the visitations and exchanges. These scholarships are awarded based on the financial needs of each party and based on the amount of grant money available. Both parties are allowed to apply for the scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to those who fill out the following application and shall be given out until the grant has been exhausted. The form below explains in more depth the requirements for the scholarship.



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